Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pacific Northwest Friends of FSH Research - January 26 Auction

January 26th was the Friends of FSH Research's 4th Annual Auction -
With 286 in attendance, our friends helped to raise more than $210,000 for FSH research!!!
Thank you to all that attended & the many donors that made this auction possible.

Plans for this year, 2008-2009, will include the solicitation & funding of new FSH Muscular Dystrophy research projects & the supporting of a Seattle-based FSH research conference.

The application process for researchers interested in pursuing the study of FSH Muscular Dystrophy has been simplified in order to stimulate greater interest in the pursuit of FSH research. Step One will be a call for research proposal summaries which will require a brief description of the researcher's plan & study goals; from the pool of potential studies those which best fit our research aims will be asked to submit a detailed proposal and budget.

We hope to be able to fund 2 new FSH research studies this year or to expand the funding of studies currently in progress which justify a greater investment of our resources.

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