Monday, January 26, 2009

Auction Nearly Ready - Thank Goodness for Volunteers

Following a year of seeking out donations by writing letters, making phone calls, emailing businesses and going door to door to various businesses we have the donations we need for our auction.

The household tasks have taken back seat to the preparations for the auction as evident by the dog hair on the floor, a huge stack of laundry in the hallway and newspapers gone unread, still in their plastic bags. Every year the pattern repeats - our home becomes an office, a storehouse and "auction central." Today there is packaging to finish, labeling each item so there is no mistake about where it goes in the displays and so at the end of the evening the correct bidder goes home with the right item.

Last night was our pre-event volunteer meeting. I am so thankful that people are willing to give of their time to volunteer at our event. An event of this size would be impossible to carry off without the help of many!

Saying "Thank You" hardly seems adequate.

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