Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prepping for the Auction

Those familiar with auctions know that there are a million little details to attend to before the event. Today I had to run a few errands, pull together a few loose ends and mark items off my "to do" list.

It is heart warming, and often surprising, where support & sincere caring comes from.... as I shopped in Office Max for packing supplies I noticed some bubble wrap marked down. I spoke with the store manager and asked if they might be willing to donate some of what they had on sale to our event. He showed interest in FSH & the event we are having & readily offered all he has left to us, as a donation. I now have bubble wrap for this event & next year's too!!

Dropping in our local QFC store later, I spoke with Vic about our event. My hope was to have a $100 QFC/Kroger/Fred Meyer prize for our opening auction game. While we talked he shared with me that a $30-$50 gift certificate would be possible. As he filled out the paperwork & I shopped he took the time to read our newsletter which told about Brian, our family, the research being funded and our charity event. Not only was he moved by the need to fund FSH Muscular Dystrophy research but he cared enough to ask about my son & how he was doing.

Vic, the QFC store manager at Parkplace has a heart of gold - he donated a $100 gift card for our event!!

So many have given so much to make this event possible. What a positive, energizing experience it is to share your story with others and have them respond with such warmth and support.

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