Tuesday, September 29, 2009

123 Days and Counting

Our annual event is only 123 days away.... time moves fast from here on till the auction. Every day I need to contact past donors to ask for their continued support & ask them to donate to this year's event. Since I really don't like being on the phone this is a bit of a challenge for me. To be able to raise the funds necessary to get another researcher interested in FSH research or support FSH research that is in need of additional funding, I must make the calls & get people to attend the event.

A big development occurred last week - the Hyatt in Bellevue has just completed a new tower complete with a new Grand Ballroom - they gave us the opportunity to move into the new space for this year's auction!! The new space it is amazing - tall ceilings with huge glass chandeliers. This should be a chance for us to hold an amazing event full of elegance & wonderful foods, at a reasonable price.
Our prior issues with poor lighting & crowding should be corrected in this new space.

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