Thursday, September 3, 2009

Volunteers - We Can't Make a Difference Without Them!

Time is Money

A new report by the Corporation for National and Community Service gives us cause to smile. Volunteerism rose by 2% in 2008, despite a faltering economy and reports of low monetary contributions to charities. Although it would be nice if we all had the means to increase our financial support to our favorite charities annually, it's important to remember just how valuable gifts of time truly are. In 2008, one hour of volunteer labor was worth an estimated $20.25. That can add up to a pretty respectable gift over time considering that the average annual household donation is somewhere around $2,000. So if you'd like to donate to your preferred charity but don't think you've got room in your budget, consider making a contribution of time instead. To get started, take a look at our Guide to Volunteering, check out charities that match your interests and contact them directly to see how you can help. Time is money!

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