Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Standing In Line for Vodka for FSH research?

Yep, Dan Akroyd was in Seattle promoting his "Crystal Head" triple filtered vodka.... I stood in line (among other fans) to have a bottle signed.

Go see the Youtube video ..... tells his story, or the story of the head.

It wasn't quite the star interaction I had imagined....some how I thought he might be interested in our cause & that this Vodka would be auctioned off at a charity event. But, it really was "just marketing." No funny jokes, no Akroyd humor or funny bits, just head down & sign the bottles, an assembling line.

I even gave him our very old, hand-made "Ghost Busters" costume that Brian had worn for Halloween more than 15 years ago - I thought he might get a laugh out of that!

Anyway the autographed head will be sold at our auction - come bid on the head & make it yours!

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