Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Procurement in Seattle

Walking the streets of downtown Seattle -
Out procuring for our 6th annual auction today - speaking to hotel managers, restaurateurs and shop keepers. What a variety of experiences.

Starting off at the Seattle Westin, where I could not speak with the person in charge of donations, etc. but I spoke with her assistant who was interested and sincerely cared about our cause. I walked on to the Mayflower Hotel and the Andaluca Restaurants - in both places I was greeted warmly and treated with sincere interest. At the Rocky Mountain Candy Shop near Pike Place market, the manager simply said "yes" and completed the donation form. He was most willing to lend his support to our cause!

Procurement is by far the hardest part of our conducting a benefit auction. I am not much of a public speaker nor do I like asking for help. But, in order to be successful and raise the money necessary for FSH research it is essential to get out there and ASK! I don't expect everyone to donate, or to find our cause the one they wish to support, but I am surprised (and disappointed) when I am treated without any respect or where there is no regard for our cause. (funding FSH research)
Thankfully, I was only in a few businesses where they rolled their eyes, or made it clear that they wish I would leave. It would be inappropriate for me to name the places where I was treated poorly, but I know those are places where I will never do business.

One of my final stops was at the Sazerac Restaurant. I ended there on a good note. The manager there took the time to talk with me and truly listen to my story about Brian, our family & our work to fund FSH research. Without hesitation he said "yes," he would be pleased to help and support FSH research. Now there's a place that I will visit again, as a customer!

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