Monday, November 16, 2009

75 Days Until our 6th Auction

Wow! Every day I am reminded about how many days until our fundraising event. I am still so far behind where we need to be for this event. Items are coming in, mostly small -- very nice, but low priced items that are necessary but not what will really help us raise the money needed to fund another research study. How to obtain hotels, restaurant gift certificates, airline tickets, cruises and vacation locations.... that is what we still need to get to where we need to be. It is a yearly challenge, that for just a few of us to obtain is quite difficult.
I really must start writing more letters & making the phone calls to tie down items for this auction.
We attended the Best of Northwest Art Fair this past week-end. Such an amazing group of people! Without the support of the Northwest art community I don't believe we would have ever obtain the level of success we have had. Again this year was quite phenomenal, the giving was open & generous. No matter how well the artist has done this year, or this show, most were ready and even eager to lend a hand.
Many many thanks to each and every one of the artists from the Best of the Northwest Art Fair!!!

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