Friday, November 13, 2009

Personal Stories make the Difference

This is a blurb from the Network for Good folks -
how true, yet how hard to obtain.

Our organization has worked to raise the awareness of FSH, to tell how lives are altered by this condition and why people should care about it & the lives it changes. Every year I have requested personal stories to share. I have asked for stories, long or short to share - offered stories to be anonymous.... few responses have ever been submitted. Some may feel that we only talk about our son.... unfortunately, I have few other stories to tell.

"Ask any non-profit, and they'll tell you there's nothing better than a personal, heartfelt story to put a face on their cause. Far better than organizational blah-blah or sterile statistics, stories help donors (and future donors) learn an organization's personality. Stories help donors feel engaged in the work-and see the difference they can make in a real person's life. They empower the organization and its supporters to continue on."

Personal stories - life experiences are what people care about, why they will give...

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