Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dr. Kyba - FSH Research at the University of Minnesota

Dr. Kyba received the 6th research grant from the Friends of FSH Research in August 2008. The title of his research proposal was "D4Z4/DUX4 Induced Pathologies in Mice," his is a 2-year grant for a total of $100,000.

Although the number of FSH researchers are low, the expertise and knowledge that these scientists have brought to the field of FSH is great. We are thrilled to have Dr. Kyba join us in our quest for a treatment or cure for FSH Muscular Dystrophy.

Here is Dr. Kyba's statement regarding his work in FSH research:

Our involvement in FSHD research came through an unexpected connection that we discovered between a gene from chromosome 4 associated with FSHD (the DUX4 gene) and muscle stem cells. We have evidence that DUX4 interferes with the function of muscle stem cells, and thus impairs muscle regeneration.

This new hypothesis for FSHD is based on some very exciting genetic and cell biology data that we have generated in the lab.

In this difficult funding environment, it is difficult for an expert in to receive NIH funding to branch out into new research field.

The generous support from the Pacific Northwest Friends of FSH Research has been invaluable in keeping this research alive & advancing this work in our laboratory as we work towards building an NIH-funded research program.

Michael Kyba, PhD

University of Minnesota

As scientists are being forced to leave laboratories, due to the difficulty to find funding for their work, funding from private sources is ever more critical. The future of human health depends upon the work of these experts.

(by clicking Michael Kyba's name you can read more about his laboratory & his work)

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