Friday, February 13, 2009

Post Auction Sale - Dust is Settling

The dust has settled after our 5th auction. After the event we had to return the next day to pack up the items left behind - things that did not sell, the centerpieces, bidder envelopes, the bidding board, posters, and anything else connected to our event. Thankfully a great friend had a truck & trailer so we were able to make one load which carried it all back home.

Always loose ends to tie up after an auction. There are the items that were not taken home by the buyers and gift certificates left behind which need to get to the right places. Mail the certificates that can be mailed and then drive to houses of those and drop off their merchandise. Takes time.

To save money, we imprint the credit cards and then I hand enter each and every one, one card & one sale at a time. Luckily my mom, now 89 years old, has been willing to read them off to me each year which makes it easier. Usually it takes us a couple of days to enter each credit card, but this year we just sat down & focused our energy and completed this job in one day! Although our paperwork promises that we will send out the final bills by the Monday after the event, there is simply no way this is possible. (this promise needs to be modified)
My mom hand addresses each envelope and I wrote a thank you note to each attendee. We firmly believe that a personal communication is very important - their support to our very personal cause is so special & treasured that we want them to know how much we appreciate them. The last of the "thank you" notes were mailed out today! Ahh, relief!

Today I have posted the items available for purchase. Some of these were items not sold at the event, or were missed by the attendees because there were so many other items to look at - 100% of the money from these sales will go right into our FSH research fund. I have posted the web page below - feel free to take a peek & let me know if you wish to put in an offer.

The DVD presentation, which was presented at the event on Saturday night is now available on Utube. I hope people will take a moment to watch this DVD to learn more about FSH Muscular Dystrophy and how it affects human life. The DVD is only 8 minutes, very much worth the time.

Great story from our "post auction" pulling together of loose ends. In brief, I called a guest to ask how they were planning to pay for their $100 donation promised at the auction. First I thanked her for attending, to which she stated she had been unable to attend due to a migrane headache - I asked if her husband had attended. Neither had been able to attend the event. She asked if there was a bill and I told her that someone mistakenly had used her bid card during the live auction. I told her it was not a problem as she had not been there, but she wished to pay the bill none the less!! A person, we did not know who, had mistakenly bid using her number, but her response was she wanted to help and give to FSH research so she paid the bid. Wow! She didn't hesitate, she wished to give!

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