Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fishing for a Cure - 5th Auction Preparation

Starting early, since the boxes full of the bid sheets & table tents were taken in an unmarked box, Rick & I had to get to the hotel early. Rick ran off to buy paint for the "one bid board" and I went to the Hyatt to find the box I had forgotten to label. (another note to myself to not do next year)

Diane & Pat were already at the Hyatt precisely marking the places for each silent auction item to sit, but they needed the table tents & bid sheets. Each table tent/sheet needed to be placed for the team of volunteers to be able to locate the places for each item & start unpacking.

With the help of many, many volunteers the rooms were transformed for our event.
Volunteers are the critical part of the process of conducting an auction - need transporters, packers, unpackers, people with an artful eye for details and arrangements, people that notice an item out of place, a team to prepare centerpieces, a team to prepare the "Buy it Now Board" and finally our security volunteers to walk the halls after everyone else has gone home. Each person we could not do without, that is where saying "thank you" is just not enough, for without the volunteer, this auction would not be possible.

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